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tessa ostermanntessa ostermann
03:08 01 Aug 23
Akram’s service was amazing!Not only did he immediately return my phone call on a weekend, but he scheduled me within 24 hours, did an excellent job with detail, and spent extra time & effort to remove a black paint spill in the trunk of my car.He is now our official go-to car guy!
Kelvin RojasKelvin Rojas
19:56 24 Jul 23
Excellent work. Job completed as expected,on time and as agreed upon. .
George WilliamGeorge William
08:54 23 Jul 23
Did a little shopping around for some detailers and after a few questions Akram was able to give me a quote and dial in a date for a detail. Everything was straight forward and car came out great. Having him come monthly now 👍
Mike evansMike evans
07:16 07 Jul 23
Finished getting my car detailed by akrams auto detail. Akram is the owner and works on all of the cars himself, he was very knowledgeable and guided me to getting my Tesla ceramic coating and showed me the process. It was overall a really nice experience and just felt like I had to leave this review! I really recommend as he is the best auto detailer in San Diego in my opinion!!
Nezar IlaianNezar Ilaian
01:46 03 Apr 23
Tremendous service with precision at every step. Easy to schedule, great communication if changes are needed. Operates with integrity and honesty. Found $40.00 in my car and returned it with a smile. Outstanding experience and product.Had my car detailed by Limitless and they left my car looking brand new again. Great communication and 5 star quality work. I will def be using them again in the near future. Thank you again for the great work!
18:33 17 Mar 23
Akram was great. Very responsive and excellent at his job. He came over and finished the entire car detail in under two hours and it it looked as good as new after. I’d a 100% recommend going with the full service.
14:05 16 Feb 23
I am a car enthusiast and love keeping vintage. In Encinitas, there had never been someone i could ever trust with my Ford but with Akram’s Auto Detail it is all cool because he definitely knows his stuff. Whenever he is tuning my car we talk about engines and hold really long interesting conversations about all sorts of car stuff. He really knows his deal and i am amazed by the way he caters to anything. Can’t think of ever going to any other auto detailer.

Our Services

Experience the highest quality auto detailing services tailored to your vehicle’s needs. From our most popular interior and exterior detail package to specific requests on your most prized possessions, rest assured, we’ll exceed your expectations!

Full Interior & Exterior Detail

Pressure Wash & Snow Foam
Hand Wash with Microfiber Mitt
Clean Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Wells
Spray Wax/Shine application
Clean Door & Trunk Jams
Clean Windows & Mirrors
Vacuum Interior Including Trunk
Shampoo/Vacuum Floor Mats
Dust & Clean All Vents
Cleanse all surfaces and Crevasses
Leather/Vinyl Conditioner & Protectant

Ceramic Coating

Pressure Wash & Snow Foam
Hand Wash with Microfiber Mitt
Clean Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Wells
Iron Removal
Clay Bar & Contaminant

Paint Correction

Pressure Wash & Snow Foam
Hand Wash with Microfiber Mitt
Clean Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Wells
Iron Removal
Clay Bar

Scratch Removal

Cleanse Surfaces of Damaged Area
Clay Bar & Contaminant Removal
Preparation Tape
Buffing of Scratches and Imperfections
Sealant Application

Headlight Restoration

Cleanse Surfaces of Headlights
Preparation Tape
Three-Step Paint Correction
Buffing of Headlights Imperfections
Polishing For Shine Enhancement
Sealant Application

Auto Detailing Services

As a reputable provider of automotive detailing services we have many options. Interior and exterior detailing, ceramic coating, polishing, buffing, paint correction, scratch removal, clay bar treatment, wax application, and paint protection, among other exceptional services.

Mobile Car Detailing in San Diego

As premier car detailers in the San Diego area, we proudly extend our services throughout the entirety of the county. Our service areas include cities along the coast, such as Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Jolla, and Cardiff, but also extends to Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, San Elijo, and many more!

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Akram’s Auto Detail

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